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While the outside world seems rife with problems, we rejoice with kindred spirits to love ourselves and one another. The planet could do with a little more love, and it starts at DeebsDay.

Located on a family farm in Hertfordshire, surrounded by walls of trees, encompassing funky forests and luscious green fields, DeebsDay transforms this ripe land into a playground for wandering souls.

As we float through the trees with sights of cows and muntjacs, through woodland ampitheatres and abandoned barns, our curiosity grows, we dance in harmony with friends and strangers alike, and we are liberated from all pain.

Starting out in 2008 as a Marie Curie party-in-a-barn fundraiser, thrown by founder, Darren Brady, DeebsDay continues to deliver an experience full of good vibes, excellent music, tasty food, awe-inspiring art installations, and provides a place to reconnect with the community.

Preserving its home grown and intimate feel, DeebsDay is curated with pure love, and it is infectious.

The DeebsDay love overflows into two charities. We proudly support our good friends at The Hospice of St Francis and Shelter. 

We are committed to making this world a better place and our planet needs a lot of love, fast. We are proud to be an environmentally conscious festival, and have joined FestivalVision2025, pledging to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% in the next six years.

We aim to become a circular festival, and this year we will push to drastically reduce our waste, and use our loving festival as a platform to educate and inspire change. 


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